How People Are Using Powtoon Animated Videos To REALLY Get Attention

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At Powtoon, we are always brainstorming ways to benefit our users. Our most recent idea was to reveal to normal, everyday people, like you and me, how they can use Powtoon to boost their businesses.

Let’s look at some great examples:

  • How a real-life PayPal employee used Powtoon to astound his bosses!
  • How some users (even those without any prior design or animation skills ) can use Powtoon to double website opt-ins, and massively increase customer engagement.

But first! We are about to move out of Powtoon’s free beta phase, and I wanted to take the time to thank you for joining us on our journey so far…

When we started Powtoon in January 2012 we had a dream…A dream born out of something very frustrating:?Everywhere we turned there were these amazing 90 second animated presentations, but there was no way that we could easily create them ourselves.

To get a professional-looking presentation, we found that you had to either spend $5,000-$15,000 on using an animation studio, or take your chances with an outsourcer who would charge you a mere $2,500 (note the sarcasm). Even with a less expensive outsourcer, after weeks of production you still could not change anything to your presentation without his/her help, which, of course, costs more money…

We were very frustrated by this, and noticed that a fair amount of businesses and marketers were also crying out for a solution. Our dream was to create a D.I.Y. product that would allow anyone to achieve professional results with the same amount of effort (or less) needed to make a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.

Then we started to build this dream. Oren (a.k.a Dr. Osm), one of the Powtoon co-founders, offered his award-winning animation and design skills to help us achieve our goal. From the time he joined our team, our mission became to extract and bottle his skills to make a fantastic product, which resulted in a ridiculously user-friendly software, that allows anyone (even me!) to create super professional animated presentations.

We aren’t kidding! Powtoon is so easy that ANYONE can use it! Take a look at the Powtoon below. I made it myself (and that’s saying something!!) But seriously, I?m so proud of what we have made because it embodies our dream completely. It truly allows anyone to make professional-looking animated presentations; an impossibility before Powtoon…(by the way, if you’re wondering about the great voiceover showcased in this video, it was done by one of our professionals, and it only cost $20.00)!!

Bottling Awesomeness

[Blog Post:How we came to create Powtoon]

My only requests to the team, which were for the final product to be extremely functionally simple, and to allow anyone to achieve professional-looking results, were finally achieved. Today we have over 42,000 user generated Powtoons, and that number is rapidly growing!?People are using our software to achieve astounding results.?Below are some examples of how people are using Powtoon to get ahead in terms of their businesses and careers:

How People are using Powtoon to get their client’s attention

1. Live presentations – Bring the WOW-Factor to your presentations.

I recently received an urgent email from the innovations department of PayPal. When I replied, I got the type of reception usually reserved for royalty. As it turns out, one of their executives had signed up as a Powtoon beta tester, and had created a Powtoon to present to his bosses. Their reaction?


The boss then wanted to give his entire organization access to Powtoon right then and there!

Using Powtoon in a live sales environment is a guaranteed great way to grab your prospect’s attention. All that’s left to do after that is to close the deal!

2. Website Landing Pages Pointing to Opt-Ins

Double your opt-in rates on landing pages. Ryan Deiss (a gifted marketer and obsessive split tester) tested landing pages until he was blue in the face, and he found that a cartoon style message doubles opt-ins compared to only written text. Look what Chris Bloor is doing to get customers to watch and listen.

3. Startup Pitches

Powtoon is great for getting your message across in 90 seconds or less, and making it look professional without the associated cost. Countless start-ups are opting for Powtoon Awesomeness to convert their elevator pitch into visual stories.

4. Animated CVs

To grab a potential employer?s attention, do what Kjeld did…Oh, and you should also know that this one can be reused as a template. Just integrate your unique biography into it!

5. Websites – Training users how to use your site

With Powtoon you can train users to work with your website or app in a fun and stylish way; like in the following clip.

6. Teachers –  Flipping Classrooms 

Use Powtoon to revolutionize how you run your classroom!

7. Campaigning – California 2012 Proposition Voter Guide

8. Recipes – Let’s bake a lemon cake

Powtoons make any type of recipe far more interesting! (By the way: LOVE THE ACCENT)

9. Jokes, Fun and Nonsense

This Powtoon won first place in the PowOlympics! Entries had to feature instructions for a new sport people wanted to see in the next Olympics.

10. Music Videos

With Powtoon it is easy to add visuals to a song to create cool music videos.

Please take a moment to share how you used Powtoon in your business in the comments below.

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