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How The Real Estate Industry Uses PowToon

What has this sector created?


By Janis Raisen


PowToon is so versatile that it can fulfill a role for every imaginable profession. It is so fascinating to see how PowToon users have taken the lead in creating PowToons for their industry. One interesting PowToon quickly becomes a trend, and in no time an entire industry has incorporated PowToon into their professional world.
The real estate industry is one of those interesting adoptions of PowToon, and here are a few poignant examples:

Real Estate Industry, PowToon #1:​



This may not be a favorite among real estate agents, but it is an incredible PowToon on the advantages of using an MLS service vs. a real estate agent when selling a house.

The whole purpose of creating a PowToon for business is to target a niche market, and to do so in a way that will make your audience wonder how they ever lived without you! This PowToon sure made some convincing arguments through excellent use of text and animation. Although the PowToon does not include a voice over, the written script combined with the animation and music is so well done that you barely notice the absent voice over or the few spelling mistakes.


Real Estate Industry, PowToon #2



The first video offered guidance on selling a home, while this one offers investment advice on purchasing a home for investment purposes. It is really interesting to see the variety of PowToons in this sector.

​ This video explains the cycle of boom, slump, and recovery, and offers clear easy tips on property investments. The information is broken down and presented in a way that provides the clarity that people seek on how to start the real estate investment process.


Real Estate Industry, PowToon #3



This last PowToon acknowledges the widespread frustration and confusion regarding real estate decisions. The solution offered in this great PowToon is simply to take all of the confusion and stress to the real estate company featured in the video.

This short and simple PowToon works well because it offers empathy to potential clients who are stressed about real estate decisions. The company immediately offers an easy solution for taking the pressure off people and taking the weight off their shoulders. It doesn’t offer tips, for so it’s great for those who may already be overloaded with information and just want help.


There are many more ways that the real estate industry can use PowToons, such as advertising an open house, explaining how staging works, offering tips on buying and selling, and also information on what pitfalls to avoid. Create some real estate PowToons now and we will feature a few of them on our website.

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