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How to make an Instagram video

Learn how you can easily create effective and engaging Instagram videos – even if you've never made an Instagram video before.





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Edit your template! Use our free video editor to customize your Instagram video with icons, illustrations, animation, music, colors, fonts, custom characters, and other graphics for a personal touch.



You’re finished! Download your Instagram video as an MP4. Or, share your new video directly to your website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Return to the video editor to make changes at any time.

100s of Ready-Made Templates

Choose from a library of ready-made Instagram video templates, animation, characters, and footage. Or, upload your own videos and images to easily customize your new video with just a few clicks.

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No matter your skill level or the task at hand, creating an Instagram video is made easy. With Powtoon, making your own Instagram videos requires no design or tech skills to start making a deeper impact on social media.

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Everyone hits bumps in the road. That's why we're here for you every step of the way with tutorials, support, live webinars, and our training center.

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Professional-quality Instagram videos used to be something only big brands could afford. Today, thanks to Powtoon, they’re easy, inexpensive, and quick to make.

Free Instagram Video Maker

Why pay when you can create an Instagram video for free? You can edit a video in so many ways using our free Instagram video maker. Add text, animation, characters, music, and more to create unique Instagram videos every time.

One Video, Infinite Designs

With more design styles than any video maker, use Powtoon to create beautiful Instagram videos in numerous styles – without a designer. Choose from a wide range of animated characters, objects, and effects to choose from – including 2D, 3D, infographics, and whiteboard animation styles – to deliver inspirational videos every time. Created by professional animators, made for beginners.

Professional Results Every Time

To help you make amazing Instagram videos, Powtoon comes with a full library of pre-designed Instagram video templates. Created by professional storytellers, our Instagram templates are the smart shortcut to making professional Instagram videos every time.

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Tips for Making an Instagram Video

To ensure your Powtoon Instagram video is a success, keep in mind these tips and tricks while you’re creating your video.


Stay true to your message.

What is the purpose of your Instagram video? Is it to welcome new followers? Share a product you’re promoting? Spread awareness of an organization or cause? Choose animations that will enhance your message; they can add entertainment value but should still have a message-driven purpose within the context of your Instagram video.


Match your brand.

To help you make amazing Instagram videos, Powtoon comes with complete brand control. Spend some time editing your Instagram videos so that they match the branding across your feed. Have access to the right font, color, and logo every time with our easy brand asset uploader. ​​The best part? Save and share branded templates for a smart shortcut to making professional, branded Instagram stories every time. Easy-to-use without losing control of your branding needs.


Use the right music.

If your videos are fast-paced and fun, don’t use somber music. If your videos are more serious, don’t use energetic and entertaining music. Make sure everything is aligned so your Instagram videos have a consistent tone. Upload your own music – or choose from our library stocked with millions of royalty-free soundtracks.

Learn More About Powtoon’s Instagram Video Maker

If you need an Instagram video, we’ve got you covered. However, there’s so much more to discover on Explore expert knowledge on our simple online video platform to start creating engaging Instagram videos today.


“With the great resignation of 2021, employers are struggling to retain talent and engage employees in a meaningful way. And it turns out, the secret to standing out and to connecting on an emotional level both internally and externally–is branding.”

“Online video creation platforms have made animated videos more accessible to more brands. Without having to shell out big bucks to a video production company, even the smallest operations can create top-notch professional video content in-house.”

“Are you debating whether to invest in on-premises video editing software or subscribe to an online visual communication platform? Both can create beautiful, professional-quality videos, but an online video editor has some distinct advantages. Here are five of them.”



What kind of videos can I make with Powtoon?

Well, everything! You can make any type of video in any style with Powtoon, from whiteboard videos, animated presentations, explainer videos, screen recordings, infographic reports, and more – whether it's for business or personal use. Your imagination is the limit! Not sure where you want to start? Get inspired by our template gallery, filled with 100s of ready-made video templates for every need. If you can't find your way, our friendly Customer Support team can be easily reached at


How do I add music to a video?

Upload your video file into an editing software program and go through the editing features: trim, resize, filter, title, motion. Think about length, audio quality, and color, perspective and pacing, background music, intros and outros. Invite others to collaborate on the editing process.


What is the best format for video?

The best video file formats are MP4, which allows for high quality and smaller file sizes. Or, you can skip downloading your video altogether, and instead share directly to any channel your heart desires! Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, HubSpot, PowerPoint, email, and more.


How do I edit a video?

Upload your video file into an editing software program and go through the editing features: trim, resize, filter, title, motion. Think about length, audio quality, and color, perspective and pacing, background music, intros and outros. Invite others to collaborate on the editing process.