10 Must Know Social Media Video Statistics for 2023

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If you’re a marketer in 2023, you need to leverage video content. You also need to leverage social media.

Perhaps more importantly, you need to leverage both together. Sharing video content across social media platforms can help you make smart use of your marketing budget, regardless of your business’ size. The following social media video stats for 2023 explain how:

51% of Users Are Likely to Share Video Content

Surveys indicate that approximately 51% of users state they would be more likely to share video content than any other form of online content with their friends and family. This highlights one of the many reasons it’s wise to share video content on social media.

The ability to share content is essentially a basic feature of a social media platform. By generating and distributing social media marketing videos, you increase the chances of your videos reaching a large audience.

34% of Marketers Use Facebook for Live Video

Generating quality social media marketing videos is important. However, you also need to know which platforms your videos are most likely to succeed on.

Different types of platforms are ideal for different types of videos. For example, research shows that 34% of marketers use Facebook for live video, more than any other platform.

78% of Marketers Believe YouTube is the Most Effective Video Marketing Platform

Distributing different types of marketing videos across different social media platforms can help you cast a wide net and theoretically reach as many leads as possible. Just don’t neglect YouTube! The vast majority of marketers still believe it’s the most effective platform for a video marketing campaign.

66% of Survey Respondents Say They Prefer Short-Form Videos on Social Media

Longer video content may perform well on platforms like YouTube and your own website. However, according to a recent survey, on strictly social media platforms, approximately 66% of users prefer short-form content.

Keep in mind that you can repurpose pieces of content for different platforms. A long YouTube video could be edited down for Facebook without requiring you to generate an entirely new video.

Only 6% of Video Marketers Consider Snapchat to Be Effective

Reviewing social media video stats doesn’t just help you determine which platforms you should be posting videos on. It can also tell you which platforms aren’t worth your time.

For example, the vast majority of marketers no longer consider Snapchat to be an effective video marketing platform. Regardless of your niche, you probably can’t expect a significant return on investment if you continue to generate content for Snapchat.

93% of Marketers Have Successfully Acquired Customers Through Social Media Video

Marketers aren’t prioritizing social media video marketing for theoretical reasons. Hard numbers indicate that social media video marketing delivers genuine value. For instance, a whopping 93% of surveyed marketers state that posting video content on social media has helped them acquire new customers.

85% of Facebook Videos Are Watched Without Sound

Video consistently proves to be an engaging form of content on Facebook. That said, multiple sources have revealed that about 85% of Facebook videos are viewed with the sound off.

Remember this when generating social media videos. Although sound can add a powerful dimension to a video, because there’s a good chance a social media user won’t have the sound on when watching your content, including subtitles can help you ensure your message is communicated properly. It can also make your video content more accessible for audience members who may be hard of hearing.

About 50% of Instagram Users Will Visit a Brand’s Site if it’s Featured in Their Stories

Posting a Story to Instagram can yield a significant ROI. According to Instagram’s own analysis, half of the platform’s users report visiting the website of a brand to purchase a product or service after seeing that brand promoted in Stories.

Including a Video in a Tweet Boosts Engagement by 10x

Researching social media video stats can often help you learn how to improve the performance of your social media marketing campaigns in general. For example, according to Twitter, a Tweet that includes a video may get 10 times the engagement that a Tweet without a video receives. Thus, creating video content for Twitter may serve as an effective way to boost your Twitter following.

YouTube Users Are Twice as Likely to Purchase a Product if They Saw a Relevant YouTube Video

Posting videos to YouTube showcasing your product or service can substantially boost the odds of making a sale. Surveys reveal that users are twice as likely to buy a product or pay for a service if they first see a YouTube video featuring it.

Social Media Video Stats All Reveal One Truth: Social Video is Essential

These are by no means the only social media video stats you could learn from. They’re merely a few noteworthy examples. Together, they demonstrate why an emphasis on social video can increase the ROI of your marketing campaign.

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