10 Creative Ways to Use Video in Your Social Media Strategy

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The verdict is in: video needs to be a component of your social media strategy if you’re a marketer. According to surveys, the odds are good your competitors are already using video to promote their brands on social media.

This means you should be doing the same. It also means you need to approach social video creatively to stand out in the crowd. The recommendations here will help.

Utilizing Videos on Different Social Media Platforms

Just as you wouldn’t limit your overall social media strategy by only focusing on one platform, you should generate videos for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other such platforms. Doing so allows you to take advantage of the unique strengths each platform offers.

For example, shorter video content tends to yield strong engagement on a platform like TikTok, where you can ride the wave of social trends. On YouTube or LinkedIn, on the other hand, you can post longer content to educate your audience and present yourself as an authority.

Those are just two examples. As you experiment with different types of social videos, you’ll develop a better sense of why creating video content for multiple platforms is smart.

Creative Ways to Use Video on Social Media Platforms

The specifics of your social media strategy should vary from one platform to another. These social media marketing video ideas highlight how the right type of video content for one platform may not be the right type of content for another.


Promote your brand with Story videos

Video content is a useful component of a social media strategy for many reasons. One of the most significant is the fact that video content combines images and sounds to express your brand’s unique identity.

Remember this when generating video content for Facebook. Engaging Facebook Story videos could showcase your brand on a platform your customers may visit multiple times a day.

Share live videos

Surveys indicate that marketers believe Facebook is the top platform for live video. When broadcasting live videos on Facebook, take the opportunity to answer customer questions. This is an effective way to engage with your audience directly while also offering genuine value.


Use Reels to share highlights

Instagram Reels are 15-second videos typically consisting of multiple clips. Because they’re so short, Reels may be perfect for highlighting products or services.

Take advantage of IGTV

IGTV videos are longer and more in-depth than Reels. Thus, you might use Reels to generate interest in your IGTV videos.

For instance, if you were to post a Reel highlighting a new product, you could also post an IGTV video consisting of a lengthier tutorial teaching viewers how to use said product.


Post informative videos

Again, the ideal length for a social media video will vary from one platform to another. On most social media platforms, a video typically shouldn’t be longer than one minute.

YouTube is different. Research indicates the ideal length for an average YouTube video is two minutes.

Consider this when developing video content for YouTube. On YouTube, you have the opportunity to provide viewers with in-depth educational videos that teach them about your industry and demonstrate the unique value your products and services can offer.

Create shareable video content that keeps users coming back

YouTube has nearly a billion users as of 2023. Projections indicate the platform’s user base is set to continue increasing.

It may be up for debate whether YouTube qualifies as a social media platform. Regardless, because it gives you the chance to reach so many potential leads, it should play a critical role in your social media strategy.

To cast a wider net with YouTube, prioritize video content that’s highly entertaining. Doing so will serve two purposes. One, if your content is entertaining, the odds that users will share it with others increase. Two, entertaining content gives a viewer a reason to come back to your channel in the future.


Take advantage of viral challenges

Some of the most popular content on TikTok often relates to trending TikTok challenges. Although it’s not necessarily advisable to participate in all TikTok challenges, as some are, well, “less than safe,” you should make a point of keeping an eye out for trending challenges that relate to your industry or products. Even if the connection is minimal, creating TikTok challenge videos can help you drive brand awareness.

Incorporate humor

TikTik videos should be only a few seconds long. To ensure a very short video makes an impression, try to add humor whenever doing so is appropriate.

It may be possible to include humor in various types of TikTok videos. For example, in a product demonstration video, you could depict the problem your product solves for customers with a quick and amusing skit. Or, a behind-the-scenes video with humor could give your brand a more human face for leads to respond to.


Emphasize education

Like YouTube, LinkedIn is a platform where longer educational content thrives. To take full advantage of videos on LinkedIn, generate and share the types of informative videos that can position you or your brand as an industry “thought leader.” 

Such videos can take many forms. For example, perhaps you could release videos in which you break down certain industry-relevant news stories. Along with using these videos to provide your audience with valuable context for these stories, you could also include your own perspective on the issues to promote your brand’s values.

Interview others

Offering value should be a basic goal of any social media strategy. When you post videos on LinkedIn, you should do so with the intent of enriching a viewer’s life in some capacity.

This doesn’t mean you or someone else at your company always need to be the face of your videos. It might instead make sense to share videos in which you interview industry experts. Although they may not represent your company, because you’re posting the video through your account, users will still associate the content (and the value they derive from it) with your brand.

Final Word

No social media strategy in 2023 is complete without a video. You simply need to ensure your video content is creative and tailored to the specific platforms on which you share it. The ideas here are just a few to help you get started.

(Bonus tip: Check out our guide on social media video specs and dimensions for 2023 to learn about sizing your social videos appropriately.)

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