5 Skills You Need to Become a Successful Video Maker

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Ever watched an awesome video and thought to yourself “I wish I could make a video as awesome as that?” Are you under the impression that successful videos can only be made by pro video makers? 

Want to hear some good news? You too can be a successful video maker! 

How, you might ask? Here are the top 5 skills that you need to become a successful video maker:

Skill 1: Creativity 

One of the most important skills required to be a successful video maker is creativity. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to have the most absurd, out-there ideas. Creativity means having a bit of an imagination and original ideas, or putting your own personal twist on a tried and true idea.

Creativity can manifest itself in many forms when creating a video. The way you design your video is key to engaging your audience, and the more creative you are with your storytelling, animation, audio effects, design and style, the more engaging your video will be for your audience. Anything goes when it comes to creativity. If you want bold letters, flashy colors, unique sounds, USE IT! Think of how you want your video to impact your audience, and find a creative way to express your idea. The more imaginative, the more successful your video will be! 

Pro Tip: It is great to be creative, but careful not to go overboard and make the movements and animation too distracting for your audience. 

Skill 2: Quick Learner 

A skill that you might not think to be useful to be a successful video maker is being a quick learner. Being able to quickly adapt to the video creating and editing interface is important as, not only does it make the video creating process smoother, but it allows you to be able to produce videos at a quicker pace. 

Pro Tip: Choose an interface that is user-friendly, especially if you are only starting your journey to becoming a successful video maker, such as Powtoon, which is among the best AI video editors!

Skill 3: Organization

As with anything in life, the key to success is organization. This skill covers a multitude of levels. Before even creating your video, you need to make sure that all your thoughts are clear and organized so that when it comes to creating your video, there is no confusion as to the message you are trying to convey. This can be done through either creating a mind map or storyboard that lays out your ideas in a coherent way.

The second aspect to being organized when it comes to video making is making sure your video is “organized.” Meaning that there is a clear flow to your video. This can include making sure that your transitions and timings are all aligned and the idea you are expressing is clear to your audience. 

Skill 4: Networking 

Part of being a successful video maker is knowing how to and with whom to share your videos with. It is important to know which platform is suited to which style of video, and who is the target audience of your video. 

A good idea is to also network with other video makers, taking inspiration from their videos and discussing ideas with them, and learn all the tips and tricks there are to becoming a successful video maker. 

Pro Tip: There should be no limit to your exporting abilities, and with Powtoon, you can directly share your video to many social media platforms, or download your video and share even further

Skill 5: Adaptability

Being a successful video maker means being able to adapt your approach and attitude toward your video. Being able to take on criticism and being flexible with the creation of your video is key to creating a successful video. It allows you to produce an awesome video that is geared toward the right audience and platform, or to adapt to any last minute changes that might occur before production. 

Pro Tip: With Powtoon, being adaptable is easy with team collaboration. Share your video with teammates and friends and receive quick feedback, make any edits, and produce awesome videos with the best results!

Now it’s your time to shine!

See? It is easy to become a successful video maker, whether you are starting out as a beginner or already in the video editing industry! And a great place to help you get started is with Powtoon. Sign up to get started!

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