What Can Visual Communication Do for Your Company?

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No doubt you’ve heard that video is important to marketing your business. But just how important? Is it really worth the extra effort, the added expense, and the steep learning curve? Read on to see how incorporating a simple video strategy into your overall business plan can make significant improvements across all areas of your business. And the good news? With the right visual communication platform, it’s easier and more affordable than you think.

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Enhance Sales & Marketing Efforts

There’s no denying that video is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can employ. Videos foster more engagement, increase visitor time-on-page, and boost Google search rankings over simple text or static images. Consumers actively search for product videos before making a purchase, and 74% of them say social media videos influence their buying decisions. Video is here to stay, and any business that wants to catch the eye of the consumer needs to have a video component to their overall marketing strategy.

The only problem? It’s expensive.

A single commercially-produced video costs thousands of dollars – and that’s on the low end of the spectrum. It can easily skyrocket to tens of thousands depending on length, crew size, and post-production time. For many companies, this simply isn’t affordable.

The solution is to create videos on your own – and it’s far easier than it sounds. An in-house visual communication platform will help you create professional-quality, targeted content for multiple audiences across multiple platforms for a fraction of the price. You can boost your bottom line without busting your marketing budget!

Strengthen Training Programs

Best practices in the corporate training industry dictate that your in-house training programs should be structured yet flexible, accessible to employees across departments, and engaging. For many companies, this means traditional classroom training has moved to an online format. 

While online training programs have unique challenges, they have one major thing in common with the traditional in-person model: keeping learners attentive and engaged. One way to do this is through the use of visual-based learning tools: video scenarios, animated flow charts, and participation activities like selecting responses or ranking priorities. This draws the learner in to engage with the content rather than simply clicking through the material to get to the end.

A visual communication platform can help your Human Resources or Leadership & Development teams to create customized, effective, and engaging content to propel employees forward.

Offer Consistent Internal Messaging

Most companies spend far more on external messaging than internal. With sales the lifeblood of any business, it’s understandable that’s where the budget gets prioritized. However, don’t neglect employee-focused messaging completely.

High-quality internal communication has been linked to increased employee satisfaction, employee productivity, and long-term retention. Visual communication tools are the most effective communication modalities, but also the most underused. Comparatively, email is the most frequently used form of in-office communication, though it is also considered one of the least impactful modes of communication.

Adding a visual component to your internal communication strategy can take your employee communication to the next level. The improved consistency will reduce employee frustration, decrease miscommunication and confusion, and help your employees feel connected to the larger corporate environment. It will also improve your employees’ perception of company leadership.

A Leading Visual Communication Platform

Ready to take content creation in-house? Powtoon offers an easy-to-use platform and professional-quality templates across a wide variety of industries that integrate with multiple platforms. For use in marketing, education, corporate training, and more, Powtoon is the cost-effective video creation solution you’ve been looking for. Sign up today!

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Shoshi Davis

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