5 Onboarding Video Tips to Boost Engagement

If you’re an HR professional, odds are good you appreciate the importance of effective new hire onboarding. Research consistently shows that proper onboarding can boost engagement and retention rates throughout an organization. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 essential onboarding…

How to Start a Peer to Peer Learning Program Using Video

In 2020, we came to realize that traditional digital teaching methods no longer suffice, and ignoring this notion comes at the cost of increased turnover— with 40% of employees leaving their company within the first year due to poor training. …

How to Create an Internal Comms Video Strategy

One of the toughest parts of being an internal comms professional is that you’re often expected to execute content without much lead time or budget.  It makes planning and being strategic extremely difficult. And when it’s all over, you’re left…

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