How Using Video Can Increase Retention and Reduce Turnover

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It is known that video can increase employee engagement, boost productivity and enhance the work environment. But visual communication can also be a powerful tool in your employee retention strategy. By creating video-based learning materials or communication strategies, companies and employers can provide their talents with greater insight into the organization’s culture, values, and goals. These strategies help reduce employee turnover and increase retention.

Video content is especially beneficial for onboarding new hires and ensuring that they understand their role at their new workplace. Videos can be used to provide employees with opportunities for career growth and development by offering them an interactive way to engage in learning activities. Through videos, organizations can help maintain a diverse and balanced workforce and strengthen relationships between colleagues. Creating a sense of camaraderie in the workplace and among team members is also a great way to reduce staff turnover.

 Another way your company can reduce turnover is by offering video training materials that provide employees with tailored instruction and feedback, as well as valuable resources for self-improvement. It will also help companies adapt quicker to hybrid working. Since employees are choosing to work from home these days internal communication has become even tougher. 

Using Video in such a personalized approach can especially help hybrid workers feel more motivated, and connected to their role, and ultimately help decrease the employee turnover rate.  

Curious to find out more about how to increase your employee retention? Read this guide and discover how the use of video content throughout all stages of the employee lifecycle can help decrease turnover.

Why is Staff Turnover a Problem?

It has only been a year and a half since Anthony Klotz coined the term “The Great Resignation”. However not much has changed. According to a LinkedIn survey, the turnover rate will stay high, with almost 61 percent of US employees planning to quit in 2023. Staff turnover is a major issue for businesses across the globe. High employee turnover not only costs companies more money but also reduces overall productivity and organizational effectiveness. It becomes extremely difficult to maintain employee engagement and productivity among teams when there is high turnover within the company.

In fact, according to conservative estimates, replacing a single employee can cost as much as one-half to twice of the employee’s annual salary. Thus, it’s clear that employee turnover is a costly problem that organizations must guard against. Researching strategies to reduce employee turnover should be a priority for employers across all industries.

How to Increase Employee Retention With Video

If you’re wondering how to reduce employee turnover and retain employees long-term, it’s critical that you learn how to use video for employee retention. Reduce turnover rate and improve productivity with these video tips:

Decrease Employee Turnover with a Strong Recruitment Strategy

Reducing your employee turnover rate starts with implementing a good and organized recruiting process which will allow you not only to hire high-performing talent but also attract the right kind of employees.  Making sure you are hiring qualified talent will not only benefit your company but will also directly convert into higher retention rates. Recruitment in the post covid era has shifted to a mainly virtual process. Thus making video communication an integral part of your recruitment strategy and a helpful tool in creating a professional process. Upload or share a hiring video that includes your company’s and workers’ benefits, your incredible workforce, and your environment. You can even highlight potential career progression and make your offer irresistible. 

How the Use of Video Benefits New Hires’ Retention

One effective employee retention strategy is using video content during the onboarding process. It’s a smart way to boost engagement among new employees and reduce turnover. By including videos that are both informative and entertaining, companies can ensure that new employees have a positive first impression of the organization. Examples of video content that you can start implementing into your onboarding strategy to improve employee retention are: highlighting your company culture, introducing key employees, or providing an overview of company policies and procedures.

Onboarding videos also ensure that the onboarding experience for every new hire remains consistent.  Instead of having to rely on a different supervisor or manager every time someone joins the team, onboarding videos can serve as a reliable source of valuable information for new employees.

Don’t underestimate the value of this if you want to retain your top talent. Research indicates that 58% of new employees at a company are more likely to stay with that company if they have undergone a structured onboarding experience.

Internal Communications Videos Sustain Engagement

Visual communication is great for HR teams and doesn’t just boost engagement among new hires. HR managers can use video to create a positive work environment and thus improve staff retention. With internal communication videos, a company can sustain engagement in the long term. Reading long emails and memos is extremely time-consuming and is often the reason employees struggle to get specific tasks done. Video content can be used to present the same information in a more entertaining manner and is especially loved by hybrid employees.

HR and Internal Comms can use short engaging videos to communicate new policies, and procedures, in detail. At the same time, companies can use videos to share company values, promote the importance of work-life balance, share employee recognitions, celebrate high-performers, shout out hard work, and announce important news.

Training Videos Can Offer Professional Development Opportunities

Research shows that employees are more likely to remain engaged if they feel they have the opportunity to advance in their careers. Training videos can provide advancement opportunities for employees within a company. Training videos can also be used to facilitate internal knowledge-sharing sessions or workshops. 

By leveraging video content, companies can ensure that all employees are provided access to the same resources and information regarding professional development opportunities. This type of content will not only help employees increase their skill sets, but will also show them that the organization is invested in their success. If you are looking for inspiration you should check out these beautiful training video template examples.

Company Culture Videos Promote Engagement and Loyalty

Creating videos that highlight the company culture can be a great way to build engagement and loyalty among employees. whether you choose to use video to introduce new hires to your company’s values, mission, and goals. It also serves as a reminder to existing employees of why they chose to join the company in the first place and helps combat disengagement. By highlighting employees’ accomplishments and reinforcing values, companies can boost job satisfaction, performance, and employee commitment to their mission and goals.

The Importance of Creating Quality Video Content to Reduce Employee Turnover

The Bottom line is that companies should implement video content that is both engaging and informative. If the videos lack quality, employees may be less likely to watch them and retain the information. Additionally, if the videos are not tailored to meet employees’ needs, they may become disengaged with the company and have a higher probability of leaving.

Fortunately, you don’t need to invest more time or money than you can afford when producing video content for your organization. Powtoon is a platform designed to help those with limited video production experience create strong content that delivers impressive results at an affordable cost. Get started for free today!

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