8 ways to engage employees with internal communications

8 Ways to Engage Your Employees with Internal Communications Video

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Want to take your internal comms to the next level? Use video content! Sending an internal communications video rather than a traditional memo or email can yield great results. Here are eight ways to make it work for you.

8 Ways to Use Internal Communications Video

1. Make announcements. 

Are you tired of sending important company-wide emails only to find the open rate abysmal? Or fielding questions that you already answered in an internal memo? Video is the answer! Video has a significantly higher engagement rate than written text, along with better comprehension and retention. Skip the email announcements and make a video instead.

Message From The CEO Template

2. Increase visibility. 

Even before the recent shift to remote work, some employees could go months without interacting with executive leadership. Using internal communications video as part of your overall employee communication strategy gives everyone in your organization the chance to regularly connect with leaders in a new way.

Employee Knowledge Transfer Template

3. Show them what’s happening. 

Progress feels like a whirlwind from where you’re sitting, but for employees whose primary role exists outside of the action, it can be hard to feel like they’re making a difference. Use internal communications video to share a big win, tour the latest site-based project, or peek into a recent special event.

Project Status Presentation Template

4. Highlight different teams. 

Use internal communications videos to give props to your people! Highlight the work of various teams, departments, or individuals so everyone learns about the hard work behind the scenes.

Department QBR Roadmap Template

5. Include employee submissions. 

An internal communications video doesn’t have to be all business all the time. Make a tradition of opening with employee-submitted videos to lighten the mood and excite your audience about watching the latest video. Include parameters so your employees know what you’re looking for; ask them to submit a joke, share a success story, or talk about a fun departmental tradition they look forward to every year. The possibilities are endless! 

Staff Survey Results Template

6. Explain complex concepts. 

Re-organizations, new workflows, digital transformation, or a significant process change can be complicated to convey in an email. Visual communication tools like an infographic or animation can enhance your internal communications video and make complex concepts easier to understand.

Meet Jenny Whiteboard Video Explainer Template

7. Invite viewer feedback and participation. 

Invite employee engagement outside of your regular videos to inform upcoming internal comms. Set up polls, encourage feedback, or ask your employees to weigh in on topics they’d like you to tackle in a future video. When viewers are invested in the content and feel like their opinion matters, they’re more likely to engage.

The Results Are In Template

8. Keep the human element in an increasingly digital environment. 

Using an internal communications video to connect with others in your organization lets your personality shine through when you can’t interact directly. Eye contact, body language, and the occasional smile or laugh add a human element that is often absent in email.

Video Newsletter Template

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Video is a powerful tool for corporate communications.

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