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How to Be More Productive at Work with Video

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In this day and age, we’re all looking for a way to be more productive at work. Everyone needs a way to boost their impact, from HR, to L&D, Sales, Internal Communication, and beyond. The fact is video captures attention, makes a deeper impact, and drives behaviors better than other kinds of content. So what happens when a business that fully embraces video and visual communication?

Today, I want to tell you the story of Megan, Eric, Robert, and Lauren. Each of them uses video in a different way, but together, adopting visual communications helps them all be more productive and get better results.

Being More Productive With Video: The Story of Megan, Eric, & Robert

To see exactly what I’m talking about (and how easily you can start implementing visual communications within your role and across your company), watch this:

Megan in HR needs to recruit top talent. Eric in L&D dreams of developing the leaders of tomorrow. Robert needs to report on the sales team’s results to ensure the revenue his company needs is in the pipeline.

We can see that each employee has a different task, and each is able to accomplish their goals more successfully with video. Let’s take a look at each of our characters, and the types of videos that helped them achieve more. 

Attracting & Recruiting Top Talent: Megan in HR

Attracting and recruiting the most talented hires is one of HR’s biggest responsibilities. Not only do you need your job listings to stand out, but certain professions are in such high demand, you need your company to stand out and be attractive from the start. Simply relying on job posting boards and a well-written description is no longer enough!

In addition, creating a video about open positions, employee experience, company mission and vision, and more can tell your company’s story, and help establish expectations for company culture for new hires. The better their experience matches their expectations, the more engaged and satisfied your new hires will be. 

HR Video Templates for Recruitment & Onboarding to Use Right Now

Never fear, Powtoon always has your back. And we have tons of video templates created especially for HR professionals to not only recruit the best new hires, but to get them started on the right foot with new employee onboarding. These templates can be quickly customized to start using video immediately. Or, use them as inspiration for the totally original video that only you can make (just click a link below to get started)!

Come Work With Us

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Employee Onboarding

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Company Overview

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Welcome to the Team

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Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow: Eric in L&D

Learning & Development is maturing, and becoming an integrated experience for employees. The days when it was enough to push ecourses on your employees from a cold, gray LMS are quickly waning. These days, the LXP, learning experience platform, is making it possible for employees to learn and develop their skills in a way that fits their daily working routine. 

That’s why companies like Skyguide are using Powtoon to transform their L&D efforts across the organization. But whether you’re using an LMS, an LXP, company intranet, or just emailing your employees, you’d better have something valuable to send them. 

L&D content must be three things to you achieve your learning goals: 

Visual — Capture attention immediately, and show (don’t tell) employees exactly what they need to know. 

Modular & accessible — Employees should be able to access the exact training they need, when the information is directly relevant to their work. 

Personalized & valuable — The technology exists today to easily personalize training content.

Visual, modular, and personlized L&D content makes a deeper impact. Not only can employees quickly identify the importance this training holds for them, it’s an easy way to emphasize the value an employee should expect to receive from their training. Even something as simple as an invitation to training should identify the value of the session. Employees should have a clear expectation of what they look forward to if they attend. 

L&D Video Templates for Employee Training to Use Right Now

From developing a company culture that is accepting and inclusive, training up colleagues on the latest procedures and best-practices, introducing new essential tools, or simply inviting your colleagues to your next training session, these templates will get you started right away. The faster you start using video to develop your team, the sooner you’ll start reaping the benefit of having the most talented and well trained leaders in your industry. 

Prevent Discrimination

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Training Intro

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Introducing New Software

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Why Join Training

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Using Video to Add Value to Sales: Robert & the Sales Team

The reality for most sales teams up until now has been an unending stack of spreadsheets. This wastes precious time your salespeople and managers could be devoting to closing new deals and filling up the pipeline.

In addition to meeting their own goals, a sales team must be moving the company toward its goals as well. But while most sales pros would like to be more data-centric, the time involved in managing, interpreting, and reporting data is too big an ask. 

The same is true from Robert and his team. But imagine if he could create visual reports, with easy to use, ready-made video templates…

Sales Video Templates to Use Right Now

And reporting is only the beginning. Set out your sales plan, use video to capture and nurture leads, and add video to sales interactions to elevate your entire sales effort. 

This is just a small sampling of the sales-related video templates available on Powtoon right now. Don’t waste another day! Set your sales team up for massive success with video. 

Set & Review Team Goals

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Capture Leads

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Your Sales Plan

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Your Stats

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What Visual Communication Across Your Company Looks Like

These are just three examples of how different departments can use video to be more productive and effective in their roles. But there’s one more person’s story to tell, and that’s Lauren. 

Lauren is the new hire that Megan recruited. Lauren steps into a company that has fully embraced visual communication throughout their company and processes. The job posting she sees is video. Her onboarding is video. Her personalized leadership development training is video, too. And she will also be expected to communicate visually, just like the sales team and every other team. 

This kind of company, with the help of a robust Visual Communication Platform like Powtoon Business, goes one step further than cranking out training videos. A company that is committed to communicating visually across every team can see company culture improve.

Start Now & Spread Visual Communications Across Your Company

If you’re ready to start moving the needle for your department, check out the templates above. Don’t see what you need? Browse our most popular video templates to start making video right now. 

And as always… SHARE YOUR AWESOMENESS! Let me know in the comments below how YOU are using video at your company, and how you want to use video in your role. 

Got a video you’re proud of? Post your most recent HR, L&D, or Sales video in the comments below for a chance to be featured as a Powtoon visual communication superstar!!

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