How to Boost Your L&D Programs’ Value While Reducing Costs with Video

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L&D programs that align with business goals are a powerful tool for business growth. Why? Because they keep employees laser-focused on the most critical factors for success.

When L&D programs are built around your business goals, it’s easier for employees and leaders to see their value. When your people see that their learning links directly to your organization’s aims, they’ll be more engaged. This empowers every team member to achieve their KPIs – and fuels employee retention. 

This blog post will explain how to align your training programs with your business goals. We’ll also teach you the easiest way to drive more value through your training programs. Let’s dive right in:

How Do You Align Your L&D Programs with Your Business Goals? 

Step 1 – Conduct a needs analysis to identify your business needs and priorities.
Roll out surveys, interviews, or focus groups with key stakeholders to identify their needs and priorities. This will help your L&D programs address your business’s most pressing issues – and prove it to those at the top.

Step 2 – Engage with key stakeholders to understand their perspectives and requirements.
Include your CEO, COO, CFO, and other strategic stakeholders in the design of your training programs to align your courses more closely with your organization’s goals. 

Step 3Choose the right content delivery methods for your business objectives.
Choose relevant content distribution methods, business case studies, and real-world examples in your programs. Transform lengthy guides and PDFs into engaging, accessible videos with a video solution like Powtoon. 

Step 4Track and report the impact of L&D programs on your business.
Measure the impact of L&D programs on specific metrics to demonstrate their value – and make data-driven decisions to improve them. Assess the impact of your soft skills training on employee retention. Or how product training helps reduce customer churn. Find out more about how to measure the impact of your L&D programs here in our recent blog post. 

Drive Even More Value for Your Business with Video for L&D

To drive real impact, you need to package your training courses and content in the right way. 

Achieve real impact with L&D programs that are entertaining and memorable. Too often, L&D teams waste training opportunities by only giving employees text-based content.  

Many employees read their training manuals in good faith – but often don’t absorb or retain the information they read. The Social Science Research Network reports that our brains decode visual information 60,000 times faster than written text.

And according to the eLearning Industry, video-based instruction improves learning outcomes by 50% compared to traditional text-based methods. No surprises there! Would you rather learn about new software from a pamphlet or an animated 2-minute video?

There are many benefits to visual learning: 

  • It’s fast: Creating a training video using Powtoon is way quicker than writing a training manual – or waiting for an agency to create one. It’s also faster for learners to watch a 2-minute video than read a written guide. 
  • It’s engaging: Learners enjoy visualizing ideas and concepts, making them more memorable. 
  • It’s accessible: Employees can view videos from anywhere, at any time, and localized to their language.  
  • It’s scalable:  Repurpose your existing materials into videos – and update them whenever you need to – with tools like Powtoon.
  • It’s relatable: Your learners relate more to learning content that matches their culture. Tools like Powtoon provide branded fonts, colors, templates, and more, and create personalized, branded characters that represent who they are.
  • It’s cost-effective: Create beautiful and engaging training videos in-house. No need to worry about agency costs or licensing separate tools with platforms like Powtoon. 

It’s easy to use video to optimize your training content to meet your business goals and set your team up for success.

Simply repurpose old training content to transform your training manuals into engaging L&D videos.  

Check out our guide on how to replace your training manuals with video to get started.

Find Out More About Protecting Your L&D budget 

In times of economic uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a strong L&D strategy. 

Download our latest guide How to Make Your L&D Strategy Recession-Proof– to learn how to test, protect, and improve the value of your L&D programs. 

And if you’re looking for some extra help, schedule some time to talk with one of our Powtoon solutions experts.

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