How to Create Videos for Your Business on a Budget

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Creating videos for your business on a budget can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to video production prices. Depending on the type of video you want to create and the level of production quality you’re aiming for, video production costs can add up quickly.

Fortunately, creating and editing videos doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right tips on video editing and production, along with quality video editing software, producing professional video content can be more affordable and easier than you might think.

With video editing software like Powtoon, you can create professional-looking videos without the need for expensive production companies or high-end equipment. Powtoon provides a range of tools and templates that make it easy to create engaging and effective videos, even if you have no previous video editing experience.

Ultimately, creating and editing video content for your business doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. With the right tools and resources, you can produce high-quality videos that effectively represent your brand, right on your desktop without breaking the bank.

Why Creating Video Content is an Important Part of a Marketing Strategy

Regardless of your industry or niche, you can’t ignore the potential value that video marketing can deliver for your brand. Research indicates that creating video content is a critical component of a marketing strategy in the digital age for the following key reasons:

  • Video content is more engaging for potential customers and clients than other forms of digital media, creating a higher level of interest in what you’re offering. A viewer may actively engage with a piece of film content while a reader might only casually browse an article, blog post, etc.
  • Videos can be easily shared on various social media outlets, creating opportunities to reach a much wider audience with your message. 
  • By creating videos, you can showcase your products and services in a more engaging manner than in written or static visuals, creating an emotional connection with your audience. 
  • Videos provide another layer of credibility for your brand, showing potential customers that you have the knowledge and skills to create professional-looking content. 
  • You can use videos as part of creating a stronger customer relationship and loyalty, creating an ongoing dialogue with your audience. 

Why Creating Video Content Yourself is Wise

You may be tempted to hire an outside producer to create budget video content for you. This could be a mistake. The benefits of creating your own marketing videos include:

  • You know your product and services better than any production company, making it easier for you to create content that communicates the right message to potential customers 
  • You have complete control over the content creation process, allowing you to make sure the video is an accurate representation of your brand 
  • By creating videos yourself, you save on the high production budget of a production company. You can also use video content to create a personal connection with your audience, for example through Youtube video series. Creating an ongoing dialogue increases customer loyalty and engagement. 

Tips for Lowering Video Production Costs

For all the potential benefits of creating video content, many businesses are deterred by the cost associated with creating videos. However, there are numerous ways to create professional-looking videos that don’t require spending more than you can afford. Here are a few budget-friendly tips for creating video content for your business: 

  • Try creating simple, short videos using basic equipment. You don’t need expensive cameras and lighting rigs in order to create effective video content; oftentimes, a smartphone or laptop webcam is sufficient for creating shorter videos with clear audio and visuals. 
  • Don’t forget free stock video footage and images. There are numerous websites that offer royalty-free video footage and images that you can use to create more professional-looking videos without creating content from scratch. Sometimes, you may need to provide an image credit to use a certain picture, but that’s the extent of the “payment” you will need to make to anyone.
  • Look for low-cost editing software options. You don’t need expensive, full-featured video production software to edit your videos; there are plenty of options on the market for video editing on a budget. Just be sure to test a video editor before committing to one if you have the opportunity to do so. Even if the price is right, if a video editor doesn’t serve your needs, it isn’t worth your money.
  • Utilize online resources for creating motion graphics and special effects. If you’re looking to add extra impact to your videos, there is a wealth of online tutorials available for creating motion graphics and other special effects without breaking the bank or needing advanced technical skills. 
  • Consider where you will post a video to determine how much you need to spend on producing it. For example, if you’re producing an advertisement that you will share on YouTube and through paid social media ads, you may want to invest a certain amount of time and money to ensure the finished product is as high-quality as it should be. On the other hand, if you’re merely creating a quick video for an Instagram post, you may be able to get away with simply shooting the content on your phone.
  • Spend as much time as possible on planning your film before shooting it. This is one of the cardinal rules of making movies, and it also applies when shooting videos for a small business. Basically, the more time you waste on the day of production, the more money you will ultimately spend. If you come prepared with a script, storyboard, and other such pre-production materials, you’ll be more likely to stay within your intended production budget.
  • Look for a film budget template online that can potentially help you determine how you will allocate funds. If you have limited experience with video production and video editing, it’s understandable that you might not know how much money you should expect to spend on this type of project. Working with a budget template can make it easier for you to determine what constitutes a reasonable amount of money to devote to your video production needs.

Powtoon Makes Budget Video Production Easy

Video production budgeting may not be your only concern when developing a video marketing strategy. Along with factoring in video production costs, you may understandably wonder whether you have the tools and experience necessary to create your own videos.

Powtoon was designed specifically for people like you and businesses like yours. Powtoon allows you to affordably and easily create impressive video content on a budget and for your brand through such tools and resources as:

  • Templates: Video content comes in a variety of forms. They include marketing videos, training videos, sales videos, and more. Powtoon offers numerous templates for a wide range of video styles, such as whiteboard explainer videos, animated videos, cartoon-style videos, and more! These stunning and easily customizable templates will save you a lot of time and money on video production.
  • Animations: Creating animated videos allows you to develop a brand while also capturing your audience’s attention with dynamic images and graphics. With Powtoon, you can create affordable animated videos without sacrificing quality.
  • Integrations: Powtoon offers integrations for social media platforms, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, video content communities, and numerous other tools and platforms, streamlining the video production, distribution, and marketing processes. Depending on the specific integration you’re using, these resources can simplify both the video production and the video editing processes.
  • Content Library: Although Powtoon is an affordable and intuitive tool that many find easy to use even when their video production experience is minimal, users nevertheless benefit from Powtoon’s library of blogs, tutorials, eBooks, infographics, and more, all of which serve to simplify the process of using what is already a simple video production and editing platform. By taking advantage of these resources, users can save time learning how to navigate Powtoon. Time saved translates to money saved.
  • Small business solutions: If you’re seeking tools for video editing on a budget and budget video production, it’s likely your business is relatively small. Fortunately, Powtoon offers solutions designed specifically for small businesses. It’s also a versatile all-in-one resource. Whether you’re producing a YouTube video, Instagram video, or virtually any other type of video content for your small business, Powtoon offers just about everything a marketer needs to take advantage of the many advantages video offers. 

These are just a few of the ways Powtoon makes creating videos on a budget easy for users. To learn more about how Powtoon can help you create low-cost videos without sacrificing quality, sign up for free today!

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Hanna is Powtoon's Content Marketing Strategist. She joined Powtoon as a copywriter in 2019, after graduating from university with a specialized degree in marketing and business. She continues to inspire people to create incredible video content with blog posts, videos, guides, and more. Hanna's passions include reading, singing, and caring for animals (#proudvegan). Nothing makes her happier than waking up to her two black kitties who, contrary to popular belief, are good luck!
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