How to Add Video to Your Email Newsletter

Everyone, it seems, has realized that electronic newsletters are powerful marketing tools. But after a while, many newsletters begin to look the same to consumers and your newsletters may be overlooked or…

Presentation Design – The PowerPoint alternative

Considering how many presentations we give and watch in our lives, you’d think good presentation design would be a common and easy skill. So how come most presenters use slides that look…

How To Flip a Classroom

Why has flipping the classroom become so popular? Technology is changing the dynamics of learning; how do you flip a classroom and engage your students? The traditional teaching method of standing and…

Should You Make Your Own Video or Hire an Animator?

Should you hire an animator to create professional videos for your business? Or, should you make your own video using an online video editor? Master Powtoonist and Presentation designer Carl Kwan explains…

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