Business Presentation Examples to Help You Improve Your Presentation Skills

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Delivering a presentation at work. It’s a task few look forward to.

Regardless, delivering business presentations may be part of your job at times. Examples of common business presentations include:

  • Sales presentations
  • Pitches to investors
  • Training sessions
  • Status updates
  • Project reviews
  • Strategy summaries
  • Marketing events

Don’t worry if standing in front of an audience and presenting on a topic that could impact your employment worries you. You’re not alone. Many feel anxiety when tasked with giving speeches in front of others. However, experts point out that cultivating one’s skills in this area can play a significant role in professional success across a range of industries.

There are many ways to become more comfortable with presenting in front of colleagues, supervisors, investors, etc. One is to simply study effective strategies for common business presentation examples, such as the following:

Business Presentation Examples to Study and Learn From

The Video-Based Onboarding Example

Video presentations are becoming increasingly common in the age of remote work and dispersed teams. Of course, video content can still be quite valuable during in-person speeches and meetings as well.

Luckily, by using a presentation maker that allows you to incorporate video, you can generate creative visual content that may engage your audience more effectively than a generic speech.

One common type of company presentation that benefits from the use of video is an onboarding presentation. With video, companies can provide all new hires with a consistent onboarding experience. 

Don’t underestimate the value of this! Research indicates that effective onboarding has a positive impact on employee retention.

Try some of these onboarding video templates:

Employee Knowledge Transfer
Employee Onboarding Welcome
Introducing Me

The Product Demonstration With Audience Involvement

Some products are fairly simple and intuitive. The moment a potential customer “meets” your product, they understand what it does and why it may be useful.

Other products are different. It may not be immediately clear to a customer what function they serve.

Pitching such products to investors and customers often requires demonstrating them. This is another instance in which video is helpful, as a video demonstration of a product will be free of errors that you could make during an in-person demonstration if you’re nervous.

That’s not to say you should rely solely on video in these circumstances. For instance, after screening a video demonstration showing how to use a product, you may invite audience members to test out the product themselves. This results in an engaging and interactive presentation.

Present Your Company
Product Promotion
Investor Deck

The Project Update

This may be one of the most familiar business presentation examples no matter what your industry is. If your superiors, clients, or fellow team members need an update on the status of a project, they might require you to provide an update via a slideshow, informal speech, or similar means.

The challenge in this scenario is to capture and keep the attention of your audience while discussing what might not be the most exciting subject matter. Ways you can do so include:

  • Using animation to illustrate complex topics or to give life to otherwise bland infographics or graphs
  • Not packing too much information on an individual slide during a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation
  • Focusing on a pain point to immediately demonstrate to an audience why the content of your presentation is of interest to them
  • Telling a story to add narrative heft to an update while still expressing your main points
Project Proposal
Project Status Presentation
Project Success Story

The Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is typically a presentation you might give to investors to explain why they should fund your business or product. Without their investments, you might not have the resources necessary to translate your ideas into realities. Thus, you need to prepare thoroughly, ensuring your slide deck is thorough and that you are prepared to answer any questions potential investors may have.

Tips to improve the quality of this type of presentation include:

Maintain a consistent visual theme so that your fonts, color palette, and other such elements reflect your brand without overwhelming a viewer
Focus on concision, using bullet points and other such methods to ensure you’re not wasting the time of busy investors
Conduct thorough research to include realistic financial projections
Consider using a template to simplify the process of actually creating your slide deck
Highlight the qualifications of yourself and your fellow team members
Bonus tip: Use an online presentation maker to create a fully digital version of your presentation to share with investors who you may be unable to meet in person.

The Case Study or Project Review

Just as you may sometimes have to update your team on the status of an ongoing project, once you’ve completed a project, you may have to deliver a presentation covering what went right, what went wrong, and what you can learn from the experience to improve future projects.

Once again, telling a story during such a presentation can make it more entertaining and informative for those watching you. The human brain is essentially wired to pay more attention to certain information when it’s presented in narrative form.

Other ways this business presentation example can be optimized include:

  • Create an animated presentation to illustrate what you might otherwise struggle to put into words
  • Use your own images instead of relying on stock photos to illustrate the actual, specific work you and your team members put into this project
  • Highlight practical achievements, such as how your work on this project yielded an increase in sales
  • Use a presentation template if you’re not confident in your ability to organize all the important information properly

Most of all, remember that developing your business presentation skills requires practice. By studying effective strategies for these common business presentation examples and analyzing your strengths and weaknesses as a public speaker, you’ll cultivate a natural sense of self-assuredness.

The Ideal Presentation Tool for Your Needs: Powtoon’s Presentation Maker

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