How the University of Wisconsin EDU-TAINS with PowToon – EDU-TAIN with Video

Hey, Ari from Powtoon here with an inspiring new case study with our friends from the University of Wisconsin how to EDU-TAIN with video.

You're going to love their story,

12 All New Ready-Made Templates For Your Work – Work Templates

Hey, it’s Ari from PowToon here announcing a wild new update that might just make your work day today.

We’ve just added 12 BUSINESS Work Templates to help you EASILY

How Park Place Transformed Their Training & Development to be FUN & ENTERTAINING – Entertaining Corporate Training Hey Ari from PowToon here - and I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this story with you! It's all about cracking the code to easily creating Entertaining

How AudibleRX Secured Funding & 15 Large Clients With PowToon – Secure Funding

You know that feeling when you hear a brilliant idea and think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Well, that’s what you’ll feel after seeing this inspiring story.

NEW FEATURE: DESIGNED TEXT to Make Your Information Come to Life!

Hey, Ari from PowToon here with an exciting update for you….especially if you have this all too common PROBLEM at work:

“How do I make the information on my slides instantly come to life?”


One of the biggest requests we get from the tribe is to have an easy way to create dynamic “Graphs and Charts” in PowToon….Now you can - and it

How Chevy creates RAVING FANS with PowToon

I want you to meet Matt Klepack. Matt increases Chevy’s sales in some of the most innovative ways I’ve ever seen. He turns “customers” into “raving fans” with his array

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