Self Driving Cars

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4 Reasons Why They Are Way More Game Changing Than You Thought


This past week we got the news from Elon Musk, Tesla creator that a car is out there driving itself…Right now! Before you check out the uber-cool video waiting for you below, you should first understand the 4 reasons why this is astoundingly game changing.

Before you continue, however, take a look at these 2 stats that will literally give you goosebumps:

It’s modeled after the McLaren F1 and goes from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds

It has 3 modes to use: Normal, Sport, & Insane (not joking)

1: Chang How We Use Cars For The Better – “On Demand”

Where’s your car right now? And where’s your car any minute of the day that you’re not driving it? Exactly! It’s sitting still somewhere taking up space. What if we completely changed how we used our cars? Once cars become driver-less, they become their own form of public transportation. You can go to a port where cars are picking up passengers all the time, simply say your destination, and a car will just take you there.

2: Cheaper, Faster, Safer

If cars drive autonomously it inherently eliminates traffic and reduces motor vehicle deaths. Plus, if the car is guaranteed not to crash (like a train, let’s say) then it reduces the extra weight meant for protection. Take an SUV for example: studies show that a 4,000 lb. SUV spends less than 4% of it’s energy moving a 150-lb driver. So if the car becomes lighter, it goes faster, it’s safer, and it’s cheaper.

3: No More Parking Tickets

Parking is much worse than you thought. Eran Ben Joseph writes that, ‘In some U.S cities, parking lots cover more than half of the land area’. Think about how true that is. Then think about how many better ways we can use all that land if we don’t need parking lots. Plus, one MIT study found that 40% of total gasoline use in cars in urban areas are spent while drivers look for parking… Nightmare!

4: Wait… Geiko’s Out of a Job?

Possibly. If self-driving cars don’t crash, that will absolutely and heavily impact the $200 billion auto insurance industry.

Meet Josh – he’ll take you for a spin. No hands, no feet, no driver. This is the future unfolding right in front of our eyes:

Here’s the full presentation (just 13 minutes) where Elon Musk unveils the awesomeness:


Do you think self-driving cars will enhance our world or not? What are your ideas – let the Tribe know, we’ll love you for it!

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