10 Brilliant Video Examples That Will Instantly Boost Your Creativity

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Finding the right kind of inspiration for your next video is often the secret ingredient to brilliant content creation. Since we just celebrated the huge milestone of 100 million Powtoons created, we thought it would be the perfect time to share how people worldwide are using Powtoon to create beautifully animated videos and presentations. Here are ten brilliant and inspirational video examples that will instantly boost your creativity. Ready to get inspired? 

#1 Safety Training – Course Invitation 

Let’s start off with this incredible training course invitation. What a great way to spread safety awareness, boost course attendance, and review important statistics – without overwhelming learners with long whitepapers, emails, or messages. This Powtoon is a great example of how you can implement video throughout the entire employee learning experience. Have a look at our Free L&D guide to discover practical tips and examples on successful video learning. 

#2 Government of the City of Phoenix, AZ 

The government of the City of Phoenix has blown us away with their animated game of trivia. Who would have guessed that learning about city planning and development could be this entertaining? And the best part of it all is that you can create something like this too! Yes, it’s time to ditch those boring PowerPoint presentations and start creating truly engaging video content. 

#3 Emotional Intelligence by BigIdeasGrowingMinds

What a fun and entertaining way to learn something new in 5 minutes or less! This video example by BigIdeasGrowingMinds is simply a beautiful usage of animation and voiceover – and a genuine pleasure to watch! Check out the BigIdeasGrowingMinds YouTube channel to discover how they’re using Powtoon to share thought leadership content with thousands of subscribers.

#4 LCBC Advertisement 

A dime for your rhyme. This adorable Powtoon is an outstanding combination of excellent storytelling, clever rhyming, and fun, visual engagement. Another example of a superb voiceover. Keep up the great work!  

#5 UDUTU Advertisement 

This advertisement is a buzzing example of the videos you can create with unlimited stock footage in the Powtoon Library. Can you believe that people still pay $25,000-$50,000 on video productions when you can achieve the same results (if not better) for a fraction of the price? 

This video example goes to show that with Powtoon, anyone can easily create beautiful, professional videos on a dime. No need for an expensive production company. Give it a try yourself

#6 Teacher Introduction 

Lockdown restrictions have put quite the damper on school and all things education. Nevertheless, teachers worldwide have shown immense dedication and love towards their students by providing captivating, creative content. And we are thrilled to be a part of it! Here’s a brilliant video example of a new teacher introduction.

#7 Video Game Instructions

This short Powtoon is an excellent video example of the many ways you can use Powtoon. Visually engaging, personalized characters, and great use of the Powtoon voiceover tool! We simply love it. Let this be your sign if you want to create short, informative videos like this. Sign up for free and let the games begin!

#8 A Day to Day at Guesty

If you’re curious about what a day as a marketer at Guesty looks like, this video example is a perfect insight! 

This Powtoon video has it all. Upbeat music, fun animation, personalized characters, and a whole lot of creativity. A video like this could be a great inspiration for a unique recruitment video. 

Not quite sure you can create something as jazzy as this? Think again! With Powtoon’s animation software, anyone can easily create a video like this one. 

#9 Advance Background Services Advertisement

Will you have a look at all those diverse characters! This Powtoon is a winning example of how many different characters you can create with Powtoon’s Character Builder. There is no better way to celebrate diversity and inclusion and assure your videos embrace all types of audiences. Sign up today and start creating personalized, branded characters in minutes.  

#10 New Research Announcement

An absolutely stunning whiteboard video example. The clever and creative use of animation is simply a breath of fresh air. With animations just like these, you are guaranteed to create scroll-stopping videos. No wonder we couldn’t take our eyes off of it!

Thank You For Your Inspiration 

We at Powtoon want to thank all of you for continually creating stunning and engaging videos, as proven here today. You are an inspiration to Powtoon, your colleagues, your audience, and perhaps even to someone reading this blog post right now. Let’s raise a toast to your outstanding video results, boundless creativity, unbreakable dedication, and, most importantly, your constant efforts to create exceptional animated videos and presentations.  

Ready to Create Your Next Masterpiece? 

If you want to boost engagement and create beautiful animated videos and presentations for any and every occasion, you’re in the right place. Sign up for Powtoon and start creating outstanding videos and presentations today. 

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Hannah Elishevitz

Hannah is a marketing intern at Powtoon. To her, nothing is more exciting than trying out new things. She has a passion for cooking, painting, great books, and sports. Making new friends and claiming new skills is her specialty. She is a big believer that everything happens for a reason and hopes to make people smile wherever she goes.
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