5 Reasons Why Animated Videos Are So Effective for L&D

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With learning and development being at the core of any organization, it is important to engage employees on a deeper level, create training sessions that are effective and reflect the way learners are working in the hybrid workplace, and receive positive results that drive employees to action. With L&D being such an essential part of the workplace, there are many different methods to approaching L&D, but the key is to find the method that will most effectively impact your employees. 

Technology is constantly progressing, and animated videos are becoming a constant in the corporate world. Due to the nature of L&D requiring so much paperwork, information, and documentation – both simple and complex – L&D programs can be effectively delivered through the use of animated videos. Here are our top 5 reasons why animated videos are so effective for L&D:

Reason 1: Flexible Communication 

The world today functions very differently than it used to. The pandemic may be ending, but the hybrid workplace has remained. Even now with the world somewhat adapting and moving back to as normal life as possible, the work-from-home lifestyle has become prominent. How, then, can you effectively convey training sessions and engaging initiatives to your employees? 

Through animated videos, L&D teams have the ability to scale their training initiatives. Employees working in the hybrid workplace additionally have the convenience of watching on their own time, or can use the video as a reference if they partook in the session in person.

Reason 2: Reporting Results Efficiently

Material comes from a variety of sources within a company, whether it is IT-related or numbers and stats that will improve the development of the company. Results from surveys, exams, or taking the right metrics can be easily explained to your executive through an animated video, whether it showcases graphs or whiteboard animation – as long as it is clear, creative, and efficient. 

Reason 3: Scale Your Training Materials

Within a company, there are many different departments with all different types of people working within them. For companies working on a global scale, language differences are a common occurrence, and sometimes information can get lost in translation. 

The reason why animated videos are so effective for L&D is because these videos are a method of bridging comprehension gaps, a useful tool to unite workers and ensure cohesion between all employees and departments. Animated videos are also simple to update, swap, and edit which allows for aligning your entire staff around the world in an efficient way. 

Reason 4: Simplifies Complex Information

As L&D is a key component to keeping a company growing, it entails a lot of important information and messages to be conveyed to employees. A lot of the time, this information can be complex or contain abstract concepts that are difficult to grasp, such as introducing new software into the company. So how do you teach your employees, who may or may not be tech-savvy, to use this new software? There needs to be a simple method to convey this information. 

Animated videos are a creative way to simplify complex information in a way that is simple for learners to understand. Using the appropriate video template, L&D courses have never been simpler to distribute, whilst also keeping things creative and entertaining. 

Reason 5: Cost Effective 

Due to the amount of information and content incorporated into L&D, the amount of resources and materials that need to be used can be very time-consuming to write up on mounds of documents. And beyond that, they are certaintly time-consuming for your employees to read.

Animated videos are a time-efficient way to produce information in a coherent manner and ensure its distribution. It is also always accessible to repurpose existing materials into a clear animated video presentation. Animated videos are efficient in that it is fast for the creator to produce and quick for the learner to consume. With access to videos, images, music, and animation, creating videos allows your L&D department to be expressive and creative, and not just print information onto stacks of paper, hence also protecting the environment (just an added bonus!).

Refocus Your L&D Strategy Around Animated Videos

So what are you waiting for? Start creating those awesome L&D videos. And what better way to kickstart the transition than with Powtoon?! Get easy access to templates and designs made for your L&D team, and transform your company’s L&D programs today!

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