#MakeItAwesome — Summer Vacay Edition: What Is the Most Awesome Summer Vacation? [Video]

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The most awesome summer vacation: what’s your pleasure? A staycation at home with a good book? An extravagant five-star trip with all the luxuries? A family trip to the beach? A visit to Yellowstone?

Summer vacations come in all forms — and all of them are awesome! Whether you love summer vacation because of the peace and quiet, or if you just like to get away from the regular work-a-day world, it’s an amazing thing to unplug and replenish yourself on vacation. 

The Origins of Summer Vacation

The origins of summer vacation are a bit obscure, and never taught correctly. Maybe you learned what I learned:

  • America started out as an agrarian society
  • Children needed to be home in the summer to help out on the farm
  • So they took a big break in the summer

What my teachers (and yours) left out was that all the work on a farm happens in the spring (planting season) and the fall (harvest season). So what gives with summer vacation?

I found an awesome blog post from a few years ago that goes into depth about the origins of summer vacation. The twisting path school reformers took, and the emerging urbanized national culture of the day make for an awesome story. But my favorite argument educational reformers made for summer vacation had to do with the physical and mental health of the students:

“School reformers often argued that students needed substantial vacation for their health. Horace Mann wrote that overtaxing students would lead to ‘a most pernicious influence on character and habits … not infrequently is health itself destroyed by overstimulating the mind.'”

The Most Awesome Summer Vacation

And, of course, no discussion of awesomeness would be complete without the next installment in our #MakeItAwesome series:


#MakeItAwesome Series

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Let’s Hear YOUR Awesomeness

Maybe you agree — maybe you disagree! According to you: What’s the most awesome summer vacation? Leave a comment below!

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