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How AudibleRX Secured Funding & 15 Large Clients With Powtoon — Secure Funding

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You know that feeling when you hear a brilliant idea and think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Well, that’s what you’ll feel after seeing this inspiring story.

Dr. Steve Leuck saw millions of patients suffering because of how their medications were prescribed to them. Without proper instructions, the patients all too often didn’t get any better, and sometimes they even got worse.

Dr. Steve had an idea that changed everything, and launched it with a short Powtoon. His video secured 15 national pharmacies as clients, and that wasn’t all it did…

Dr. Leuck’s Big Idea

Steve Leuck, Doctor of Pharmacy and medication therapy management specialist, just a few years ago, came up with an idea to offer consumer medication in audio format.

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The concept is that every time a patient picks up a new prescription for medication, they receive counseling from their pharmacist. This counseling helps the patient understand what the medication is, and when and how often they’ll take it. This makes sure they get the best possible outcome of therapy.


When patients leave the pharmacy, they’re handed a stack of papers, which are called “Consumer Medication Information” (CMI). There are a set amount of FDA guidelines and parameters that the CMI needs to fit, that are required to cover all the specific information.

When the patient gets home, they can look it read it over. Many times though, as valuable as it is — the CMI gets thrown away.

Just Click… To Listen To Your Prescriptions

What AudibleRX does is present the same information in an audio format — specifically designed for those people who are challenged with literacy, visual impairment, and those who learn better by listening.

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When they get home they can click and listen to the medical information, learn what they need to learn in a better way, and follow up with their pharmacist later with any questions they have.

It’s important to realize that this does not replace the face-to-face counseling they receive from their pharmacist. It’s just an alternative way to get follow-up information for the patient.

I Needed To Simplify My Complex Message

When they first started, Dr. Steve was doing a lot of blogging, and wanted to know the best way to get the message of AudibleRX out there.

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Luka was the marketing intern who came to Dr. Steve with the idea that using Powtoon would be a great way to explain this concept — which is what they needed help with. Because “audible consumer medication information” is not something people understand.

Luka did the video and Dr. Steve did the script — and in just 60 seconds, Powtoon did the job of explaining how AudibleRX helps healthcare providers and patients.

Powtoon Got Our Message Out There

“We believe that Powtoon will be the best way to reach out to consumers and to educate them. And to reach out to health care professionals as well.

It was simple to use. The animated characters are very powerful, grab attention and help grow our brand.”

– Luka Tehovnik

Powtoon = ROI To Secure Funding

“The specific results are that we have gained 15 pharmacies and clinics that use Audible RX on a regular basis for their out-patients. More importantly, we’ve contracted with a University who found our service and wanted to create a study to show the effectiveness of audible consumer medication information.

This led to two individuals who we’re creating a new start-up with to take AudibleRX to the next level.

I’ve been doing this with my wife and help of others for the past 4 years. It’s gotten big enough where it’s now time to move it forward with a real corporate structure. Create it as an official start-up, secure funding and in part because of our Powtoon video that helped explain it to the world. We’re very excited about bringing this company into the spotlight.”

– Dr. Steve Leuck

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AudibleRX Saves Trees

“There are 67,000 pharmacies in the U.S. right now. Each time a prescription is filled in one of these pharmacies in one of these pharmacies, a piece of paper is printed out to hand out to the patient for his medical consumer information.

Our vision is that each time a prescription is filled, a link is sent to the patient’s phone where they just click to listen to the information.

That alone would save 90,000,000 sheets of paper a year. 4 billion prescriptions are filled each year, each one has two pieces of paper — that’s 8 billion pieces of paper, or 90,000 producing trees destroyed.

This will not only help people, it will help the environment.”

– Dr. Steve Leuck

Here’s the Feedback I Got…

“The Powtoon is so incredibly engaging that I put it on the center of our homepage. Everyone who comes to our site watches the Powtoon — so they understand what and how AudibleRX helps patients and health care providers.

Originally I had a link instead of a Powtoon, where they’d click a link that said, ‘Click here to learn more about AudibleRX’ — where they’d be taken to a post that explains what AudibleRX is.

Then I got a number of letters from people who said that I needed something more engaging on our site; something to do, something to click on, something to watch. That’s when we realized we needed Powtoon.

That video has stayed since we put it there, because everyone engages with it, which I never thought would happen. But that’s exactly what did happen because it’s Powtoon!”

– Dr. Steve Leuck

The Future of AudibleRX & Powtoon

“We not only plan on using Powtoon to explain AudibleRX — but we plan on using Powtoon as AudibleRX. Where the Powtoon itself explains the CMI.

Powtoon would be perfect to explain how the devices work, and the importance of following those specific directions. Powtoon wouldn’t be used as a marketing tool — but as an information tool.

Powtoon narrows down complex concepts to the most essential information by condensing the most important information and then presenting it in a dynamic, engaging way.”

– Dr. Steve Leuck

How Luka Discovered Powtoon

“I first came across Powtoon in University when a student gave a presentation to our class with a Powtoon — and I was instantly blown away. I was amazed at how much he was able to do with it — and it was for FREE? I found that hard to believe.

Then I signed up and played with it, and I must say — it’s a powerful tool for any communication need. I don’t think people know enough about Powtoon. The webinars are great to make people aware as well. That’s what’s important — that there’s something else out there they can use.”

– Luka Tehovnika

Here’s AudibleRX’s Powtoon:

Comment below how YOU’RE now inspired to take YOUR message to the next level & secure funding with Powtoon

Stay awesome,


Kindly Note: This post has been edited for formatting and clarity.

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